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What is the European Handicap? The Best Way to Play the 1X2 Bet

The European Handicap is a straightforward bet suitable for most players, whether they are newcomers or experienced veterans in the market. Despite its simplicity, not knowing how to play properly can lead to serious mistakes that impact your chances of winning. Therefore, it's essential to refresh your memory before starting the game.

What is the 1X2 Bet?

For players who don't fully understand what a 1X2 bet is, it represents a significant gap in their professional gambling knowledge. For beginners or those looking to learn more, the 1X2 bet, also known as the European Handicap, is one of the most common forms of betting in soccer tips and sports today.

Unlike the more complex and varied Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets, the 1X2 bet is simpler and easier to understand. Instead of focusing on the score and adjusting odds provided by the bookmaker, betting on the European Handicap involves predicting which team will be the final winner.

The Popularity of the 1X2 Bet

The general rule of the game remains that if you guess correctly, you receive a payout from the bookmaker; if you're wrong, you lose your stake. This bet type is also dynamic, requiring sharp observation, quick action, and various skills to predict correctly and secure the best possible odds.

Including soccer tips in your betting strategy can enhance your understanding and improve your chances of making accurate predictions, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

Guide to Reading European Handicap Odds Accurately

After understanding what the European Handicap is, don't forget to equip yourself with some explanations and detailed instructions on how to read these odds correctly:

a) Understanding the Meaning of the 1X2 Symbols

1X2 is the common symbol you see on the odds board when looking for European Handicap bets. This is the name for the three betting options corresponding to the three possible outcomes:

1: Home team wins

X: Draw

2: Away team wins

b) Basic Types of European Handicap Bets

You don't always have just one option to predict the overall match result with a 1X2 bet. Bookmakers also offer a few other forms, such as:

FT: Predicting the entire match outcome.

HT: Only predicting the first half result.

c) Odds Ratios

Odds are essentially the payout rates that players receive when placing a bet on a 1X2 wager. These rates fluctuate constantly, and only the odds at the time the bet is confirmed are counted.

Including free soccer tips in your betting strategy can further enhance your understanding and increase your chances of making accurate predictions, leading to better outcomes.

What Makes European Betting Different?

Essentially, understanding the full match 1X2 and half match bets plays a crucial role in European betting. At first glance, it may seem easy and simple, but winning is not straightforward.

1X2 Bets Are Easy to Play

While Asian Handicap or Over/Under bets have a 50% probability due to the inclusion of half bets, the 1X2 bet only has a 33.33% probability. In European betting, you either win or lose your money; there is no partial refund.

In general, the advice is to never be complacent and to spend more time analyzing and assessing the matches each day. This will lead to the best results. Incorporating Series Soccer Tips into your analysis can provide valuable insights and improve your predictions.

Detailed Guide to Calculating 1X2 Bet Winnings

Next, an equally important part for beginners is learning how to calculate football betting winnings. Nowadays, bookmakers have integrated automatic calculation technology to help customers quickly receive their rewards once the results are in. However, this does not mean you should neglect understanding the process.

a) Calculating 1X2 Winnings

When you win, you receive the following amount:

Winnings = Stake x (Corresponding Odds – 1).

b) Calculating Losses in European Betting

Conversely, when you predict incorrectly and do not win, the amount lost is exactly the initial stake you placed.

5 Top Tips for Playing European Handicap Bets

To become better at betting in general and to place 1X2 bets effectively, it's essential to learn some expert tips from experienced players. If you're still uncertain, here are a few suggestions:

Understand What the 1X2 Bet Is

First, you need to understand what the 1X2 bet is and how to read the odds correctly. While it is straightforward, winning and receiving rewards can be very challenging if you don't spend time learning and practicing.

Compare with Asian Handicap Bets

Few bettors truly understand the relationship between 1X2 bets and Asian Handicap bets at bookmakers. You can compare the fluctuations between these bets to choose the most suitable option.

For example: If the Asian Handicap increases but the 1X2 odds remain unchanged, the away team is likely to win.

Choose a Reputable Bookmaker

The number of bookmakers in Vietnam alone is overwhelming. While there are many options, this also makes it difficult to choose a reliable and trustworthy platform.

Selecting a reputable bookmaker increases your chances of winning. If you can't evaluate them yourself, spend time reading in-depth reviews and expert opinions.

Limit to 5 Matches Per Day

Playing more than five matches in a day can make you tired and lose focus, leading to poor decision-making. Many players place continuous bets out of greed, becoming frustrated and no longer enjoying the game. This often results in losses, especially if there are unexpected changes in the match.

Stop When You Are Losing

The notion of "the more you lose, the more you play" may sound absurd, but it's a common mindset among beginners. Many believe they must recover their initial investment at all costs. However, gambling involves a degree of luck, and continuing to play when you're on a losing streak usually results in more losses. The best advice in this scenario is to stop quickly, take a break, and try to change your luck.


The allure of European Handicap betting is undeniable, with an increasing number of bettors choosing to participate daily. If you're a beginner, don't miss the chance to make money with such high winning probabilities. Incorporating Series Soccer Tips into your strategy can further enhance your chances and make your betting experience more successful.

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