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What is Asian Handicap? Explaining the Draw No Bet handicap to win

Asian Handicap, commonly referred to as the Draw No Bet (DNB) handicap, is a prevalent type of football bet used today. This type of bet is typically employed when the two teams are relatively evenly matched or balanced in terms of their performance.

What is the Draw No Bet (DNB) handicap?

The Draw No Bet, also known as DNB or 0 handicap, is one of the most popular football betting options. This type of bet is prevalent in matches where the two teams are closely matched, and soccer tips app 

This handicap often appears in matches between two major teams or during the finals of significant football tournaments such as the World Cup, Champions League, Euro, or in matches that attract significant viewer interest.

In addition to the Draw No Bet handicap, there's also the Draw No Bet half handicap, which is similar to the Draw No Bet but doesn't allow for a refund in case of a draw.

When do bookmakers offer the Draw No Bet handicap?

Understanding when bookmakers offer the Draw No Bet handicap is crucial for capitalizing on betting opportunities. Below are the scenarios in which bookmakers provide this type of bet:

Scenario 1: When the favored team scores, the bettors who backed the favorite win their wagers, while those who backed the underdog lose. Scenario 2: In the event of a draw with no goals scored, bettors receive a refund of their stakes. Scenario 3: If the favored team and the underdog have a score difference of one goal or more, the favored team's backers lose their bets.

How to read the Draw No Bet handicap

Reading the Draw No Bet handicap is much simpler compared to other types of football bets. With this 0 handicap, you only need to rely on the match outcome to determine the bet's outcome. Specifically:

If Germany wins and you chose Germany, you win your bet. If you chose France, you lose your stake. If Germany loses and you chose France, you win; if you chose Germany, you lose. If Germany and France draw, the bookmaker refunds your stake.

The reading is similar for other handicap bets like 1 draw, 2 draw, and so on.

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Calculating winnings with the Draw No Bet handicap

Calculating winnings with the Draw No Bet handicap is straightforward:

In the event of a draw, bettors who chose one of the two teams receive a refund equal to their original stake. If one of the teams wins, bettors who correctly predicted the winning team receive their winnings, calculated by multiplying their stake by the bet's winning odds. Bettors who chose the losing team lose their stake.

Tips for successful Draw No Bet betting

Understanding what the Draw No Bet handicap entails is essential, but to profit from this type of bet, you need to gain experience and learn from other successful bettors.

Understand the rules of Draw No Bet betting

Before diving into Draw No Bet betting, familiarize yourself with the concept, how to read and play this type of bet on various betting platforms. Although it primarily revolves around betting on the winning or losing team, knowing how to select the right side is crucial to winning.


Use official, reputable betting sites that are not blocked in your region.

Avoid placing bets too early

A key strategy in successful Draw No Bet betting is avoiding placing bets too early after the odds are released. This advice is echoed by most betting experts and seasoned bettors.

Instead, take your time to analyze the available betting options and gather relevant information about the match and the teams involved before placing your bets.

Observe your chosen team's playing style

In addition to understanding home/away advantage or the form of the teams involved, when betting on Draw No Bet, it's essential to observe and study the playing style of the team you intend to bet on. Whether they favor offensive play, counter-attacking, or defensive strategies can significantly influence the match outcome.

Additionally, pay attention to which team has a stronger offense or defense, the starting lineup, and other factors to make the most accurate predictions.

Choose reputable bookmakers

Another key tip for successful Draw No Bet betting is selecting reputable bookmakers when engaging in betting activities. With numerous betting sites in the market, not all of them are transparent and the betting tips website

In conclusion, understanding the Draw No Bet (DNB) handicap and its intricacies can significantly enhance your football betting experience. This popular form of wagering offers a straightforward yet effective approach to predicting match outcomes, particularly when the two teams are evenly matched.

By grasping the concept of the DNB handicap and mastering its application, you can capitalize on betting opportunities with greater confidence and precision. Remembering key strategies such as avoiding early bets, analyzing team dynamics, and choosing reputable bookmakers can further bolster your success in Draw No Bet betting.

Ultimately, whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the world of football wagering, incorporating the Draw No Bet handicap into your betting arsenal can provide a valuable edge in navigating the complexities of football betting markets. With diligence, patience, and a keen understanding of the game, you can optimize your betting outcomes and elevate your overall betting experience.

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