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Share Experience To Play First-Half Betting for Sure Wins

For professional bettors, understanding betting odds is familiar, but for newcomers to online football betting, it can be novel. So, what is first-half betting? How can one bet to ensure a win? Let Wintips guide football tips over 2.5 you through the article below!

What is First-Half Betting?

In football betting, first-half betting is based on the results of the first half of the match to determine the win or loss. This bet is also known as the 1H bet. Similar to full-match betting, first-half bets include handicap bets, over/under bets, European bets, and other side bets like first-half card bets, first-half live bets, first-half corner bets, etc.

The advantage of first-half betting is that it allows players to quickly recover their capital since the betting period only lasts 45 minutes. Before the match, the bookmaker provides the odds for players to reference to make the most accurate first-half bet predictions.

To effectively place first-half bets, players should understand and distinguish between the two types of football bets. The table below highlights some differences between first-half and full-match bets.

Popular Methods of First-Half Betting in Football

Here are some popular first-half betting methods:

Handicap Betting in the First Half

First-half handicap betting is also known as Asian handicap first-half betting. On the odds table, the symbol for this bet is FH, located in the right column of the odds table through numbers like 0.5, 0.5-1, 1, and 1-1.5, etc.

The first-half handicap odds usually depend on the team favored in the match. For first-half handicap bets, the handicap rate on the odds table is set by the bookmaker to balance the performance of the two competing teams. Players analyze past performances and current assessments to decide which team, home or away, will win the bet.

Over/Under Betting in the First Half

First-half over/under betting is a first-half betting method with a relatively high winning rate. The bookmaker provides a total number of goals for both teams, and players place their bets accordingly.

If the first half ends with more goals than the number given by the bookmaker, those who bet on 'over' win.

If the result is fewer goals than the bookmaker's number, those who bet on 'under' win.

If the result matches the bookmaker's number, the bet is a draw.

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How to Bet on European 1×2 Odds for the First Half

European 1×2 odds are a popular choice among bettors. This type of bet predicts whether the home team will draw, lose, or win. In the odds table, this bet is denoted as 1H.1×2. The specific meanings of the symbols are as follows:

1: Bet on the home team to win.

X: Bet on a draw.

2: Bet on the away team to win.


This is a match between Lyngby BK and Midtjylland. For the European 1×2 odds, you choose Lyngby BK to win and place a bet of 100,000 with the winning odds being 5.6. At the end of the match:

If Lyngby BK wins against Midtjylland, you receive 100,000 × 5.6 = 560,000.

If the match ends in a draw or if Midtjylland wins, you lose the bet and forfeit 100,000.

How to Bet on an Unbeaten First Half

In online betting, analyzing football odds is a crucial factor that helps bettors seize the opportunity to win. Each type of bet has different playing experiences. Below are some methods to bet on the first half, compiled from experts.

Select Suitable Matches: Before each match, bettors should thoroughly research both teams through the odds and available information to see which team has better performance and lineup, then place bets accordingly.

Based on Odds: According to professional bettors, you should choose bets where the favorite team has a handicap around 1.00 and the betting odds for both the favorite and underdog teams are not too different. For example, 0.98, 1.23…

Avoid Close Matches: This makes it difficult to make decisions because the match outcome is hard to predict.

Over/Under Betting: For over/under betting, you should choose bets with a higher number of goals, selecting rates like 1/1.5 or 1.5/2 for the underdog, and bet under 100 to stay safe and avoid losses.


The article above has detailed how to bet on the first half and the most effective football tips site experience. Hopefully, bettors will understand and successfully apply this method to earn significant rewards. Always stay alert to make the most accurate choices!

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